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Photo shooting in Eysölden

| Uwe Semtner

At the beginning of 2021, we succeeded in winning the preliminary round of the RIO music competition for Upper Franconia. However, reasonable pictures were important for the subsequent press work.

We decided to do a shoot. More difficult, however, was the choice of location. While we were lucky enough to be able to use the set-up for the video shoot last time, this time good advice was expensive. Since our house and court photographer Uwe is the only one at home in the south of the Free State, we decided on a kind of middle ground. Very helpful was the fact that our drummer Joe knew someone in Eysölden who owns a whole gym.

Even though it is rather bad for students in pandemic times not to be able to go to school, this was our big advantage. The gym was free and the municipality allowed us to use it.

On 21.03.2021 we met then in Eysölden. What came out of it, you can see here.

Images: Uwe Semtner
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